FastAPI Cache

FastAPI Cache Implements simple lightweight cache system as dependencies in FastAPI. Installation pip install fastapi-cache Usage example from fastapi import Depends, FastAPI

FastAPI Request ID logging middleware

Middleware for reading or generating correlation IDs for each incoming request. Correlation IDs can then be added to your logs, making it simple to retrieve all logs generated from a single HTTP request.

fastapi Automatic MessagePack content negotiation

msgpack-asgi allows you to add automatic MessagePack content negotiation to ASGI applications (Starlette, FastAPI, Quart, etc.), with a single line of code: app.add_middleware(MessagePackMiddleware) (You may want to adapt this snippet to your framework

Manage FastAPI - CLI tool for generating and managing FastAPI projects

Manage FastAPI Features  Creates customizable project boilerplate. Creates customizable app boilerplate. Handles the project structuring for you. Optional Dockerfile generation. Optional docker-compose generation for your project needs. Optional pre-commi

Run your Jupyter notebooks as RESTful API endpoints

Run your jupyter notebooks as a REST API endpoint. This isn't a jupyter server but rather just a way to run your notebooks as a REST API Endpoint. Running locally Clone project mkdir rest-project cd rest-project git clone

How to use playwright-python to process multiple pages?

How to use playwright-python to listen to new pages In JavaScript, it will be logged as: const playwright = require("playwright"); (async () => { const browser = await playwright.chromium.launch(); const context = await browser.newContext(); cons

Writing 3D Games in Python

Introduction to vizard Vizard is a virtual reality development platform software that has been in development for ten years. It is based on C/C++ and uses the new OpenGL extensions to develop a high performance graphics engine. While developing in Python

How to use Birdseye

Birdseye is a Python debugger that records the values of expressions in function calls and lets you easily view them after a function **exits**, for example:

5 Steps to Building a Churn Prediction Model with PySpark ML

In this article, we describe a simple approach to build a churn prediction model using the PySpark ML package with sample data from the Sparkify music application.

FacetGrid Structure Diagram

Seaborn is a graphical visualization library based on Matplotlib. The library defines its own style in advance, and also encapsulates a series of convenient drawing functions. To summarize: drawing with seaborn is more beautiful and easier than matplotlib