mysql_ exceptions .OperationalError

_mysql_exceptions.OperationalError: (2013, ‘Lost connection to MySQL server during query’) Because mysql has a default connect_timeout time, once it exceeds, it will automatically close the connection. You can try the following two ways: The connect_tim

MySQL Log Files - Error Log and Slow Query Log

Experimental environment: MySQL Community Server (GPL) 5.7.17, Ubuntu 16.04 MySQL Log File Classification Official documentation: Log files record various types of activities affecting MySQL data

Install LAMP

Different layers of the technology stack can be replaced to form different variants LAPP (replace MySQL with PostgreSQL) LAMP (last two letters mean Middleware and PostgreSQL) LNMP or LEMP (Nginx instead of Apache) WAMP (replacing Linux with Microsoft Win

pymysql examples

Create data table import pymysql db = pymysql.connect("localhost","root","","hank") cursor = db.cursor() cursor.execute("DROP TABLE IF EXISTS leo")

MYSQL Slow Query Logs

When you are a developer, happy coding every day at work. Suddenly, one day DBA came to the door and said that he sent you or your department manager a lot of sql, and you need to urgently deal with these slow queries that are about to hang the system

mysql binlog transaction logs

binlog is binary log, binary log file, this file records all mysql dml operations. Through the binlog log, we can do data recovery, master-resident replication and master-slave replication, etc. Developers may not pay much attention to binlog

MySql 1045 error

Run the MySQL Instance Configuration Wizard as administrator while configuring When you log in to the MySQL database and an error occurs: Error 1045 (as shown in the figure below), it means that the user name or password you entered is incorrect and acces

nacos Deployment

1. Download the latest nacos installation package from, I downloaded nacos-server-1.3.1.tar.gz 2. Move to the Linux installation directory and use the command "tar -zxvf nacos-server-1.3.1.tar.gz" to decompress t