The difference between npm install and cnpm install

If package-lock.json exists, the results of the two installations may not be the same. Because cnpm install will not read the version information of dependent packages from package-lock.json.

Composer Usage Explained

Introduction to Composer Composer is a package dependency management tool for PHP. We can declare the external tool libraries we depend on in the project, and Composer will help you install these dependent library files. With it, we can easily use a comma

Difference between npm install, npm install --save and npm install --save-dev

npm install X: will install the X package into the node_modules directory will not modify package.json X is not automatically installed when running the npm install command afterwards

Java Logging Framework Learning

The full name is Jakarta Commons Logging, which is a general log API provided by Apache. Users can freely choose a third-party log component as a specific implementation, such as log4j, or jul that comes with jdk, common-logging will automatically