mysql_ exceptions .OperationalError

_mysql_exceptions.OperationalError: (2013, ‘Lost connection to MySQL server during query’) Because mysql has a default connect_timeout time, once it exceeds, it will automatically close the connection. You can try the following two ways: The connect_tim

Install Confluence

Confluence is a document management tool from ATLASSIAN Each software has its operating environment, which can beSystem Requirements confirm Confluence's operating environment Current compatibility list: Desktop browsers:

Install InfluxDB

How to install InfluxDB surroundings [root@much ~]# hostnamectl Static hostname: much Icon name: computer-vm Chassis: vm Machine ID: 33dc28f7e76c4903ad9b603b77e29a7c Boot ID: 1f9d9f1fc29440c8874b993d9455c898

PHP PDO errors and error handling

PHP PDO Errors and Error Handling PDO::ERRMODE_SILENT This is the default mode. The PDO will simply set the error code and can usePDO::errorCode() and PDO::errorInfo() methods to check statements and database objects. If the error was generated by a call

Native jdbc example with spring JDBC example

Native jdbc integration with spring Introduction to JDBC The JDBC API allows users to access any form of tabular data, especially data stored in relational databases. Implementation process: Connect to a data source, such as a database. Pass query

pymysql examples

Create data table import pymysql db = pymysql.connect("localhost","root","","hank") cursor = db.cursor() cursor.execute("DROP TABLE IF EXISTS leo")

Oracle Log Mining

Redo log - Redo log Why do you need redo log No need to update to disk immediately after in-memory data modification—efficiency The purpose of data protection is accomplished by the log—efficiency other by-products Data recovery (backup set + archive log

mysql binlog transaction logs

binlog is binary log, binary log file, this file records all mysql dml operations. Through the binlog log, we can do data recovery, master-resident replication and master-slave replication, etc. Developers may not pay much attention to binlog

Install PostgreSQL

How to install PostgreSQL Linux downloads (Red Hat family) Tip: The current version is Version 10.3 surroundings [root@h210 ~]# hostnamectl Static hostname: h210 Icon name: computer-vm

MySql 1045 error

Run the MySQL Instance Configuration Wizard as administrator while configuring When you log in to the MySQL database and an error occurs: Error 1045 (as shown in the figure below), it means that the user name or password you entered is incorrect and acces