php regular to achieve the replacement alt method: 1, create a PHP sample file; 2, get the content to be replaced; 3, through "<img.*?src=[\"|\'](. *?) [\"|\']. *? >" can be replaced by the regular implementation.

How to replace alt with php regular?

php regular expressions to extract img alt/title tags and replace them

Sometimes we need to do the necessary processing of the img tags in the rich text editor to meet the needs of the site itself,

For example:

According to the site keywords to set keywords for the alt tag of the img within the page, the following are the rules for extracting and replacing the content of alt/title tags:





$title = "Content to be replaced..."

$pattern= "/<img.*?src=[\"|\'](.*?)[\"|\'].*?>/";

$replace = '<img src="$1" alt="'.$title.'"title="'.$title.'">';

$html = preg_replace($patter, $replace, $content);

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