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ML Visuals now includes more than 100 available custom graphics and users can use these resources in any paper, blog, PPT.

ML Visuals

This 101-page template contains several sections:

  • Basic Components

  • Architecture

  • Machine Learning Concepts

  • Abstract background

  • Gradient background

  • Machine Learning & Health

  • Other

  • Machine Learning System Design

Basic Components

This drawing template starts with a variety of basic components, such as rounded rectangles to represent processes, operations or transformations, small circles to represent neurons or arbitrary operations, rows of small squares to represent vectors, and grids to represent multidimensional arrays.

ML Visuals

ML Visuals


The architecture section has the largest number of templates, 32 in total. For complex model architectures, it is obvious that setting templates is much more convenient than drawing them by hand.

ML Visuals

For example, draw a schematic diagram of the convolution operation:

ML Visuals

It is also easy to reproduce some classic architectures using this template, for example, the following diagram shows the Transformer architecture drawn using this template:

ML Visuals

Machine Learning Concepts

该模板还可以用来表示机器学习中的一些基本概念,比如 DropOut、归一化:

ML Visuals

In addition, this set of templates currently contains several sheets on biological and medical fields. For example, pain intensity prediction, pain location prediction:

ML Visuals

This graph representing the "pain index" can be used elsewhere with a few modifications:

ML Visuals

Finally, let's look at the neural network drawn using this template:

ML Visuals

In addition, the template can be used for machine learning system design, such as:

ML Visuals

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