//go:build !linux && !darwin && !dragonfly && !freebsd && !netbsd && !openbsd && !solaris && !illumos
// +build !linux,!darwin,!dragonfly,!freebsd,!netbsd,!openbsd,!solaris,!illumos

package pool

import "net"

func connCheck(conn net.Conn) error {
	return nil

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redis rediscmd_test

package rediscmd import ( "testing" . "github.com/bsm/ginkgo/v2" . "github.com/bsm/gomega" ) func TestGinkgo(t *testing.T) { RegisterFailHandler(Fail) RunSpecs(t, "redisext") } var _ = Describe("AppendArg", func() { DescribeTable("...", func(

redis pool_single

package pool import "context" type SingleConnPool struct { pool Pooler cn *Conn stickyErr error } var _ Pooler = (*SingleConnPool)(nil) func NewSingleConnPool(pool Pooler, cn *Conn) *SingleConnPool { return &SingleConnPool{ pool: po

redis iterator

package redis import ( "context" ) // ScanIterator is used to incrementally iterate over a collection of elements. type ScanIterator struct { cmd *ScanCmd pos int } // Err returns the last iterator error, if any. func (it *ScanIterator) Err() error

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#!/bin/bash set -e help() { cat <<- EOF Usage: TAG=tag $0 Updates version in go.mod files and pushes a new brash to GitHub. VARIABLES: TAG git tag, for example, v1.0.0 EOF exit 0 } if [ -z "$TAG" ] then printf "TAG is required\n

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/* Copyright 2014 The Camlistore Authors Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License"); you may not use this file except in compliance with the License. You may obtain a copy of the License at http://www.apache.org/licenses/LICENS

redis reader_test

package proto_test import ( "bytes" "io" "testing" "github.com/redis/go-redis/v9/internal/proto" ) func BenchmarkReader_ParseReply_Status(b *testing.B) { benchmarkParseReply(b, "+OK\r\n", false) } func BenchmarkReader_ParseReply_Int(b *testing.B

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package redis import ( "context" "crypto/tls" "fmt" "math" "net" "net/url" "runtime" "sort" "strings" "sync" "sync/atomic" "time" "github.com/redis/go-redis/v9/internal" "github.com/redis/go-redis/v9/internal/hashtag" "github.com/redis/g

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package redis_test import ( "bytes" "fmt" "net" "strconv" "sync/atomic" "testing" "time" . "github.com/bsm/ginkgo/v2" . "github.com/bsm/gomega" "github.com/redis/go-redis/v9" ) var _ = Describe("races", func() { var client *redis.Client v

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//go:build appengine // +build appengine package util func BytesToString(b []byte) string { return string(b) } func StringToBytes(s string) []byte { return []byte(s) }

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package proto import ( "bufio" "errors" "fmt" "io" "math" "math/big" "strconv" "github.com/redis/go-redis/v9/internal/util" ) // redis resp protocol data type. const ( RespStatus = "+" // +<string>\r\n RespError = "-" // -<string>\r\n