mysql_ exceptions .OperationalError

_mysql_exceptions.OperationalError: (2013, ‘Lost connection to MySQL server during query’) Because mysql has a default connect_timeout time, once it exceeds, it will automatically close the connection. You can try the following two ways: The connect_tim

MySQL Log Files - Error Log and Slow Query Log

Experimental environment: MySQL Community Server (GPL) 5.7.17, Ubuntu 16.04 MySQL Log File Classification Official documentation: Log files record various types of activities affecting MySQL data

Python Errors and Exceptions

The keyword for exception handling in python is different from that in c#. In python, try and except are used to handle exceptions, such as the following: 2. raise excepption

Spring 406 error

The web page appears 406 generally for the following two situations: 1.Missing jar package 2.If the URL of the access url has a suffix ending in .html, the server cannot respond to the json data. Because springMVC will mistakenly think that the request

squid Deployment

YUM installation yum install squid -y yum install httpd-tools -y Compile and install cd squid* ./configure \ --prefix=/usr \ --exec-prefix=/usr \ --includedir=/usr/include \ --datadir=/usr/share \ --libdir=/usr/lib64 \ --libexecdir=/usr/lib64/squid \ --lo

webservice example

What is webservice: WebService is a remote invocation technology across programming languages and operating system platforms. The so-called cross programming language and cross operating platform means that the server program is written in java, and the

Native jdbc example with spring JDBC example

Native jdbc integration with spring Introduction to JDBC The JDBC API allows users to access any form of tabular data, especially data stored in relational databases. Implementation process: Connect to a data source, such as a database. Pass query

mysql binlog transaction logs

binlog is binary log, binary log file, this file records all mysql dml operations. Through the binlog log, we can do data recovery, master-resident replication and master-slave replication, etc. Developers may not pay much attention to binlog

Deploying Nginx

How to install PostgreSQL Linux downloads (Red Hat family) Tip: The current version is Version 10.3 surroundings [[email protected] ~]# hostnamectl Static hostname: h210 Icon name: computer-vm

gitlab Deployment

GitLab is an open source project for warehouse management systems. Use Git as a code management tool and build a web service on this basis. Public or private projects can be accessed through a web interface. It has similar functionality to Github