java adminlte use_AdminLTE

This is the first time I heard about this template, keep it for future use 1. Necessary configuration files for AdminLTE 2. Customize theme style (1) Set the class in the body. skin-blue: theme color, if _all-skins.min.css is introduced, there are many

Python Errors and Exceptions

The keyword for exception handling in python is different from that in c#. In python, try and except are used to handle exceptions, such as the following: 2. raise excepption

Spring Boot log

In any production system, proper logging is very important. This is extremely critical to the location processing of system faults. Spring Boot supports Java Util Logging, Log4j2, Lockback as the logging framework, and Spring Boot uses Logback as the defa

java Checked Exceptions and Unchecked Exceptions

There are two kinds of exceptions in the java world, one is Checked Exceptions , another called Unchecked Exceptions. 1) Checked Exceptions : Checked exceptions are checked at compile time (during compile time). If there is an exception, it will not pas
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Spring 406 error

The web page appears 406 generally for the following two situations: 1.Missing jar package 2.If the URL of the access url has a suffix ending in .html, the server cannot respond to the json data. Because springMVC will mistakenly think that the request

webservice example

What is webservice: WebService is a remote invocation technology across programming languages and operating system platforms. The so-called cross programming language and cross operating platform means that the server program is written in java, and the

Install Tomcat

Tomcat relies on the java runtime environment, so it is necessary to have the appropriate version of the JDK before it can run properly. Tip: The current version is 9.0.5, but the version demonstrated here is 8.5.28, the reason is that CMDBuild officially

hbase Deployment

The deployment of hbase is relatively simple compared to java. The main process is as follows: 1. Download the latest stable version of hbase 2. Copy to the corresponding directory 3. Modify in the conf directory, and set java and inapplic

Java Logging Framework Learning

The full name is Jakarta Commons Logging, which is a general log API provided by Apache. Users can freely choose a third-party log component as a specific implementation, such as log4j, or jul that comes with jdk, common-logging will automatically

Java methods for creating threads

1.Inherits the Thread class and overrides the run( method. The run() method represents the task to be performed by the thread. • Thread is a thread class, located under the java.lang package
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